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"Integrity in Baptism" which is summarised below, is a 16 page booklet in which we have commissioned articles about baptismal policies and practice thought to be of "timeless" value.  In other words they will be relevant at least for the next five years!

Getting into hot water
Personal reflections on an abiding hot potato 
Clifford Owen
Baptism and reconciliation 
Can we accommodate different views in one church?
Kevin Roy
Believing in Baptism
Where in the bible are our beliefs derived from?
Gordon Kuhrt
Baptism? Just christen him!
Why reform the Church of England’s practice?
Michael Saward
Trends in Baptismal Thinking
Trends in the C of E, and trends in research

  Paul Bradshaw

The law in relation to Infant Baptism 
What “rights” do clergy and people have on this issue?
Colin Buchanan
Getting the best out of CW Baptism
Pointers to making effective use of the liturgy available
Mark Earey
Promoting Thanksgiving 
Is there an alternative which works and satisfies? 
John Hartley
Power to the people  - the role of the laity
How the congregation can help reform to work
  Roger Godin
Church of England or Anglican?
The C of E is out on a limb on baptism policies worldwide 
Stephen Corbett
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