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Thanksgiving services are the most flexible approach to initiation of children.  Common Worship has enhanced the equivalent ASB Rite, but many will find it too demanding for those who simply want in a simple straightforward way to show their thanks to God.

The examples are no more than suggested skeletons.  A common failing in many services of thanksgiving is that they come over as "second class" - it is vital that such services carry as much "sense of occasion" as do baptisms.

For some commonly asked questions about the relative merits of Thanksgiving and Baptism click here 

For a service where the parents have no particular church affiliation click here
A service where the parents are committed Christians, but who wish to leave the decision on baptism to children when able to "answer for themselves" click here
For a comprehensive reference site to various thanksgiving options click here
An article explaining the value of Thanksgivings in a Parish Magazine
A simple leaflet outlining alternatives of Thanksgiving and Baptism
See also Promoting Thanksgivings  - John Hartley
A specimen Certificate of Thanksgiving
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