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We have tried to make the content of this site representative of a range of views on Infant and Adult Baptism.   Much of the material comes from articles published in "Update" - our information leaflet published 3- 4 times a year.   Other sources have included information from the church and secular press and other published material.

On the whole, all published material is from authors keen to have their position known, and who will welcome a wider circulation in the public domain.  It is on that sort of goodwill that we have built the site - but in some cases we have not yet been able to gain permissions.

Where we know this information we have included the author's name and sought to clear copyright from all sources.  We apologise to anyone who is not acknowledged or where we have not been able to obtain specific confirmation.  We will immediately rectify any sins of omission or commission by appropriate ascription or removal form the site if so requested.

For our part we are happy for any material to be used - but subject always to the right of the author to be consulted.

Do please let us know of any errors or omissions - and keep on sending material for inclusion!

As a starting point we particularly commend the collection of articles given in "Resources

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