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A long standing member of BI  (Rev Peter Stretton of Wedmore, Somerset), humbled us recently by sending a copy of an early document inviting daily prayer, suggesting that it might be reissued.  With minor changes and deep appreciation we do so below:
Monday For Parents - that they will keep their promises made to bring up their children in the family of Christ's Church and that they will wholeheartedly receive instruction and practice what they are taught as an example to their children.
Tuesday For Godparents and Sponsors - that they will assist the parents by their own spiritual example and their godchildren as they grow older
Wednesday For those baptised - that as they grow up they will come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and be themselves an example of godly living. 
Thursday For the Baptismal Integrity Committee – that they will have vision to see the right issues and have the skills and discretion to follow God’s direction.
Friday For Bishops, Clergy and members of General Synod – that they will preach the seriousness of Baptism and that all Parishes will give full Baptism preparation and after care.
Saturday For Baptism Integrity – giving thanks for the work of all Christian people in the upbringing of children and young people and that they seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all they do for the extension of God’s Kingdom.