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Baptism Integrity (BI) -formerly The Movement for the Reform of Infant Baptism (MORIB) - is a group within the Church of England working constructively for the reform of the discipline and practice of the church as regards infant baptism.  It was launched in 1987 at Malvern, but it inherits the concerns of the “Baptismal Reform Movement” of the 1940’s.   

BI exists to promote the Christian Religion as set out in the doctrines and liturgy of the Church of England, by fostering a better understanding and practice of the administration of the sacrament of baptism in that church.  It has four aims: 

      to bring to an end the indiscriminate administration of infant baptism,

      to demonstrate that baptism is the sacrament instituted by Christ for those becoming members of the visible church,

      in a spirit of loyalty to the traditions of the Church of England, to seek to clarify the provisions relating to the administration of baptism in the canon  law  of  the  Church  of England in the light of a true theological understanding of the responsibilities thereby undertaken, and

      to promote within the Church of England legitimate debate and review of the biblical, theological, pastoral and evangelistic aspects of Christian initiation.

 BI affirms the propriety of baptizing the infants of practising Christian believers and also of deferring baptism until later years.  

BI also affirms  the relevance and value of the Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child (added to our constitution in 2008) 


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 “Update” is BI’s newsletter.  We try to produce three issues a year: “  All views expressed (including those of officers) are those of the individuals writing, and do not necessarily indicate BI policy.  In line with our fourth aim, we will publish articles which may challenge our position, and we welcome your feedback and comments.  We reserve the right to shorten long contributions.

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