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Clifford Owen is a former Chair of Baptismal Integrity.


I started to think of this booklet of articles as the Ďtip of an icebergí, but on reflection maybe it is the tip of a volcano.  Volcanoes lie dormant for long periods - people forget them - then sooner or later they erupt again.  The eruption shows that lava is still boiling and bubbling, deep down!

Over the twenty years I have been involved with baptismal reform, I have dialogued with many people about most facets.  I have read many books, and written one myself (see p20).  I have found that no one facet clinches the issue.  For some itís theology, for some itís evangelism, for some itís liturgy, for some itís law.  The role of the parson, the place of folk religion, the long-term effect on the nation, the support of the bishop, all these rear their heads!

This booklet is to whet the appetite for further reading and discussion (as such it is a taster for Update, our regular publication).  Most of the articles are from well-know people skilled in their particular fields, including a layman who himself brought a private memberís motion on baptism to General Synod in the 1980ís.  Was that when the volcano last erupted?

My personal hope is that this booklet will reach not only the clergy, but also beyond them to the PCC, who will give these issues a place in their discussions.  I believe there is a link between baptismal policies and the long-term health and growth of the church.  If you agree then you need to read on.  These articles are the tip of an iceberg... or maybe something warmer.
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