Emergency Baptism?
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Emergency Baptism?


Emergency Baptism?


From Church Times 28th May  

Sunday Lunch was interrupted by a phone call.  “My sister needs her baby christening NOW!” the caller urgently informed me.  

I dashed round to the address, and found a plump baby bouncing on her mother’s knee, surrounded by a sea of toys, discarded nappies and teething rings, in the rudest of health, definitely not knocking on limbo’s door.  

Neither mother nor aunt showed any signs of imminent demise nor hell-fire conversion; so, after half an hour of failing to find any evidence whatsoever why they were in such a rush, I gently asked why the baptism needed to be so soon.

“Why, it’s the christening gown,” the mother explained, as if stating the obvious.  "It’s a family heirloom, and if she puts any more weight on, we’ll never get her into it.”


“Diary” by Revd David Wilbourne, Vicar of Helmsley, York.

David tells us that he was able to use the gown as an analogy to being clothed in Christ.   The baptism did take place but in Church some weeks later!

For a more serious discussion about "How to conduct an emergency baptism", click in box below!

Genuine Emergency Baptism!

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