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"First Steps - a Parents' Guide to Baptism" CPAS  Training DVD 
Andy and Julie Robinson review the latest re-issue of this product

Julie This is a resource that Andy and I have used on-and-off for the last few years when visiting parents interested in Baptism. As a tool for a baptism visitor one thing that commends itself is its length. With a running time of 10 minutes it fits neatly into the usual sort of baptism visit and doesn’t leave parents looking at each other awkwardly wondering when it's going to finish!

Andy -  It begins with some possible reasons why parents bring their children for baptism, and then goes on to introduce  baptism as the start of a journey, emphasising  the role of parents in their childrens’ spiritual development.  The middle section talks about the basics of Christian belief and then the DVD moves on to the baptism service before a final summary which mentions the possibility of a thanksgiving service for those who are not ready to commit to the baptismal promises.

Julie – The DVD has a friendly, informal approach, although I did find the tone of the narrator slightly patronising at times! However it is suitable for parents to watch with children over the age of 4 who are being baptised, or the older siblings of babies. The delivery is clear and the cartoon format very accessible for little ones. Elizabeth (who is 4) loved watching it with us and was very interested in the bit where “the world was all messed up”!

Andy – I did find the strong emphasis on the Fall caused problems with one family that I visited. I think the mother had had quite a difficult and strict religious upbringing and had maybe had sin “rammed down her throat”. For this family at least the DVD was less than helpful. But I think, in most cases, the approach is fairly acceptable and thought provoking.

Andy and Julie Robinson


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