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"Where can we get hold of a baptistry?"

This was a case of the "Biter Bitten"!  An adult who had recently come to faith asked for baptism by immersion.  My Minister asked me to research where we could hire a pool.  These were the findings: 

(a)    Playlite Limited (01795 476 367).  This was a fibreglass construction which was very heavy requiring four people to shift it!  The hire cost was about £200.

(b)    Hexpool (01953 888 109).  These are manufactured by a church in East Anglia, using unemployed people on a “self help” basis.  A pool from them for costs £1,350 or £1450 (depending on height) or hire £150.  One church had used this one and although it leaked slightly, it was preferable in a number of ways, including visibility.  Need to collect and return.  

(c)    Splashdown(020 8422 9308).  Although they were very knowledgeable and helpful concerning baptistries (“they do a lot of these”), their pools were initially designed as birthing pools - rather a nice analogy anyway.  These can be hired rather more locally from several UK locations.  For birthing purposes they hire them out at £235, but for baptismal purposes, it’s only £150……….

(d)   Bubbatubs (01992 302449).  Discovered later - again a hexagonal pool for £65 hire or £900 Purchase.   "requires 1 person 10 minutes and no tools to construct".  Web site is

(e)   York City Church (01904 750910).  - Another pool in the £750 range.  For further information contact by email at or by telephone. 


In the end we opted for Hexpool (above) because the birthing pool was only 5 foot long.  It was a very clever simple design, took 5 hours to fill, but the submersible pump emptied much more quickly.   As it happened, they could not meet our deadline (then only 5 days!) and very kindly pointed us to a few local churches who had purchased.  

As a result of this page we subsequently received information from the US ARM Prisons Ministry.  US enquirers will be interested in the following message:

"Have you seen the two baptistries produced by A.R.M. Prison Outreach International?  The Communion Table Baptistry and Collapsible Portable Baptistry were originally designed to be uses by jail and prison chaplains to baptize inmates. 

Please visit the website and click on the "Communion Table Baptistry" and "Collapsible Portable Baptistry" icons (0n the Quick Menu) to see these baptistries. 

Perhaps one of these two baptistries could be used by other ministers, missionaries, and jail/prison chaplains who are looking for baptistries in the future". 

If you are interested, please contact  The website is - which should not be confused with the Anglican Renewal Movement in the UK!  

Another US contact is

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