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PRINTING.  If you encounter the problem with some browsers of losing the right hand side of some pages, we recommend that you set your printer to "landscape" mode.  This is usually done by going to Control Panel, Printers, Paper, Landscape.  

Think of the site as a "Family Tree".  "Welcome" takes you to the top for the next "child" you have the option to to back to "Welcome" (top of tree).  From the next level down, clicking the "Up" button will take you to the level above.

You may still find a number of blue rectangle navigation buttons.  DOUBLE CLICK on these to move on your journey!  These are being progressively replaced by underlined words (hyperlinks) which are easier to use.

Each page is cross-indexed to another part of the "family tree" -  You can either click on the headings at the top of each page or click on any words that are underlined or in colour  or go to the "site map" for a more detailed index.  In addition most pages have a left hand column taking you to pages at the same level (or elsewhere!).  

Another way is to use our search engine which will identify pages relevant to your enquiry.

If you get "lost" - don't worry!  The first index at the top of each page takes you "home" to the welcome page from where you can start again - or you can click on the left-facing arrow at the top of your explorer screen.

At the foot of each page you will find hyperlinks (or buttons) that take you to the "Site Map" or the Search Engine or other relevant pages.

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