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We caution the reader against thinking that a huge subject like baptism can be understood properly from a few pages on a web-site!   As you will see from this poster spotted in the Channel Islands, there are extremes!  

The Theology of Baptism

The theology of baptism was reviewed in depth during the 1988/1990 debates in General Synod  The content of the initiating debate is set out in full in the Anglican section of this web site.


We hasten to add this poster does NOT represent BI policy!


We recognise that biblical interpretation on baptism is one of the most divisive issues.  Indeed it has been described as the "Water that divides"!  We refer researchers to the bibliography in the "Resources" section of this Website.  However we have also assembled a number of less public articles - some otherwise unpublished. 

Apart from the books listed below, researchers are particularly encouraged to view the UFCOS paper which is reproduced in full. Click here for introductory page to the eight chapters. 

"Household Baptism" - a balanced reflection on different interpretations From Update 61 (Various authors)
"Am I Baptized" - a moving personal testimony and theological reflection N Perry
What is “Baptism?”  J Hartley
A Rationale for Infant Baptism (several articles) Colin Buchanan and others
Habitats of Infant Baptism   Prof David Wright
Covenant Theology John Hartley
Adult and Infant Baptism Various pointers
Denominational Issues Anglican, AOG, Baptist, Hindu and UFCOS viewpoints
Believing in Baptism   Gordon Kuhrt
"Christening" FAQs
"Second Baptism" John Hartley
Trends in Baptismal Thinking Prof John Bradshaw
"Proper" Baptism! Catherine Fox
The Allegory of Red Socks David Perry
Paul's doctrine of baptism Professor Andrews
The Symbolism of Baptism Correspondence
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