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"Baptism Issues"  From April to September 2010, the correspondence pages in the Church of England Newspaper (CEN) carried dialogue between extreme positions on infant baptism.  Though somewhat tedious at times this is reproduced to enable researches to be aware of some of the issues

Custody Issue  Doubts over appropriateness of the courts to define faith issues - here on baptism of a 3 year old in a custody dispute

"Lesbians in row over christening"  Reported in Church Times in April 2010, the Diocese of Blackburn claimed there was no "discrimination" when a vicar did not agree to a "private" christening.

The combined Marriage and Baptism Service  Reported in both Church Times and Church of England newspapers in July 2009 raised important issues for BI and clergy generally

Church Times (May 09) picks up article by Council Member Paul Kirby first published in Update 58

The Rigorism Debate?  Rev John Wall (Church Times April 2009) records incident.  Replies shown together with similar experiences from other clergy with BI Responses (May 2009)

Established Church  Article by Canon Reiss (Church Times April 2009) states conditions  imposed round baptism are contrary to canon law.  Council member Ian Robins refutes this.

"Debaptism" Articles published in 2007 "resurrected" by March 2009 controversy.  Articles published in 2007 "resurrected" by March 2009 controversy.  

Comments on the BI-initiated "Archers" blog on baptism  Report Church Times  

PUB - lic Baptism!  CEN Report

Initiation debated in General Synod  Report on Debateqq

Baptism in Iraq War US Soldier baptised on board

Emergency baptism  Unusual circumstances

Some Web Enquiries  November 2003 summary

Emotion at a Baptism  From the Church of England Newspaper

Some statistics    Statistics 2002 to 2007 -

Who should be Godparents"  Exchange of correspondence in the Times

"Occasional Offices"  Letter in Church of England Newspaper speaks of value of baptisms, weddings and funerals in church growth

Don't Baptise Baby Brooklyn   Parish Newsletter by Bradford Vicar gains national coverage (March/April 2002)

Approaching Mission the wrong way .Dr Graeme Smith suggests we are approaching mission the wrong way.  We should listen to what people think Christianity is, and join them there. [example of a church group wanting to produce a booklet about baptism].  Church Times 8/3/02

Suggested shortcomings of "Common Worship"   Two clergy from Christchurch Guildford have written a 1 page article on the shortcomings they see in the Common Worship Initiation Services.  CEN 8/3/01.  Various replies!

Is Infant Baptism justified?  Letters and article relating to justification of infant baptism (Colin Buchanan), patristic support (Michael Saward), and reservations on both (Roger Godin). CEN August/September 2001

New Initiation Services   Articles in Daily Telegraph


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