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"Baptism  Integrity"  is the only website dedicated to consideration of the issues of the theology and practice of baptism. christening and thanksgivings primarily in the Church of England.  We hope you find our site a mine of scriptural, practical and pastoral information.  It is offered for your use by the Charity "Baptismal Integrity"

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Reports in the Secular and Christian Press A bibliography from all standpoints and resource material for preparation.  Researchers are encouraged to look at "Other Web Sites" for a wide range of material. A mine of practical experience to help both individuals and churches Theological reflections from different perspectives Information about the history and organisation of BI

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Astonishing growth in adult and adolescent baptisms in ACNA

Preparation of Godparents
A template for a baptismal policy
"Household Baptism" - differing perspectives
Combined Marriage & Baptism Service Issues
Adult baptisms increase
Introducing Thanksgivings 
Initiation Anniversary Service
The "Rigorism" debate


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Civil partnerships
The New UPDATE 61 majoring on "household baptisms"

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